New School Coming

Making Sense of Your Child's Math Grade
by Tim Brzezinski

EFT Education-Fun-Today

Founder First Friday Series/Part 1
Introduction and background
Smart Biology



6 Problems with our School System
by Next School

How The Simpsons Exposes the Problem With the School System
by Made2Express

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School Does Not Make You Smarter
by Elliot Sang


Nan Fav
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How The U.S. Education System is
Failing Our Kids
by The Tulsi Gabbard Show
interviewing: Matt Beaudreau


New experiments in
by Sugata Mitra

How the hole in the wall experiment happened

TED Prize Winner Making the Case for Smartphones in Schools|
by Thinking Digital Conference

CGP Grey

Nic is hopeful this will be the new school coming
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Sir Ken Robinson

2007 (16 years ago)
Do schools kill creativity?

Daniel Fried

Elon Musk

Time stamp ⬇️ 5:49-7:13

How To Learn
Elon Musk

Learn These Daily Habits
For Success
Elon Musk Nation

How To 10X Your
Memory and Learning
Nishant Kasibhatla

The Experiment That Teaches People
How To Learn
Benjamin Keep, PhD, JD

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